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Police BigBand Oost-Nederland
Thank you for visiting the website of the Police BigBand. The Police Force Oost-Nederland likes to be a part of the community by interacting and being in touch with the public in different ways. Not only by maintaining public order or writing tickets, but also in a social way. Music brings people together, so that is why this Police BigBand was formed. The members are amateur musicians who, besides their daily job, like to play this swinging music.

The origin of the Police BigBand Oost-Nederland
In 1993 the former Arnhem Police Music Society, established in 1920, transformed into a BigBand. The BigBand now consists of 20 members who work with the Police Force Oost-Nederland or with other organizations related to the police, such as customs and the Royal Military Police. You could say that making music together is like working together.

What is the BigBand repertoire?
Of course the BigBand plays the classics from Glenn Miller and Count Basie. They cannot be left out as so many people ask for them. The BigBand also plays pop music, ballads or solid rock. For dancing, the BigBand plays bossa nova or latin music. Of course we will always be a BigBand but, as you can see, we play a lot of music styles. If you want to know exactly what music we play, please click here to see our repertoire.

The BigBand International
The BigBand played several times in Hungary, Great Britain and Germany. In June 2007, the BigBand performed during Festpol in Prague, Czech Republic. During this annual festival several police orchestras and choirs from all over Europe performed everywhere in the city. In 2009 and 2013 the BigBand performed during the Unicef Musikfestival in Emsdetten in Germany. 

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